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    as robo said go for the money and bennies if it so happens in your aera its union then knock yourself out and go union if non union pays a better package then take that

    sometimes union is better than non sometimes not. As far as I'm concerned I have been screwed by both non and union cos but non union and more likely to screw over smaller dollar amonunts

    I like the union brotherhood when it exists but thats a different story its more likely as an average tech you will do better union as a star you may do better non union but I'd say more likely union - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

    Arguing with some people is like wrestling a pig - eventually you realise the pig actually enjoys it

    Gonads serve a useful purpose but are no substitute for brains

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    Originally posted by boiler boy
    let the lazy 6 month a year i willnot insulate ductwork fill out a ap. for me when he is hungry or sick due to no bennies he can answer his own question. UNION NEVER HAVE NEVER WILL.
    Yes you wouldn't catch me insulating ductwork.

    And don't worry I won't be filing out any apps at your place any time soon,

    Let me give you a vrief overview of what a good union job is like,

    My duties,and average typical day, 2hours DDC logic programming, 2 hours phone, two hours driving and talking with the other guys,then some sales.

    For this massive effort, I receive

    7 dollars an hour over the rate,

    Commission for sales paid in hourly wage with benefits paid on those hours, ( this really pumps up the annuity and retirement bennies)

    Excellent health care for my family, I pay 10 dollar visits and 3 dollars for prescription, with very few limitations,

    Eye care, I get a 480.00 pair of glasses every year for 58 dollars out of pocket, my family is entitiled to this also.

    I get dental , its not great but it covers routine maintenance and 50% of major.

    I have two pension plans and an annuity,

    ( Annuity = like a 401K but a little better)

    I have the freedom to move around the country and make about the same anywhere in the country ( huge network)

    I recieve excellent training through the hall and hrough my employer, because I have proven to be a good investment.

    I get only good high profile accounts, ( I don't see much junk)

    I get a new company truck with a gas card, with the understanding that I may use it as I wish.I get paid to maintain it. that means washing and getting oil changed on company time and them paying for it. soap and all.

    I get a company credit card, for those oddball places that you need once in a blue moon.

    I get 8 holidays

    I get three weeks vacation paid

    I get a lot free time to ghost

    (ghost time = unaccounted time, that I take care of personal stuff with during working hours)

    Gravy overtime at 1.5 my rate,

    Gravy overtime at 2.0 my rate

    Overall I just make a lot of money and benefits for not really doing a whole lot, I get paid for what I am able to do, not what I actually do.

    I get offers for comparable packages all the time, so Boiler Boy even if you could match this ( ha ha ha ), you would still have to get in line and send me an invite to see me in your office for an interview. Actually when I interview for a place of employment, it is me asking the questions and determining if I want to be there rather than what you are thinking.

    Oh and I forgot my Hall offers a free accounting service to helo me sort out all this stuff at the end of the year. It is truly a great bennie, because it gets complicated when you get over the one hundred thousand mark.

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    Originally posted by outside rep
    Originally posted by gruvn
    My name is Gruvn, I don't know anyone named Ed

    Everyone thinks you are I never new him either but from what I have seen in the past year here its not a good label to get.
    I think they call everyone an Eddy, if they act in a undesirable manner. So if you don't act or talk as they would like you to then they label you as an Eddy, I guess.

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    Overall I just make a lot of money and benefits for not really doing a whole lot, I get paid for what I am able to do, not what I actually do.

    This says it all. Maybe you can do something, but not doing it makes no money for the owner.

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    It seems to me that union workers complain about non-union shops and non-union workers complain about union shops. It's hard for me to believe that the current workers of these non-union shops have nothing to complain about but union's and vise-versa. I'm looking for real answers not a ***** fest. I read where pro union workers talk good about there job and complain about non-union shops but on the other hand the anti-union workers write only complaints they have about union's and no hype on where they work or whats so good about there situation. So again you tell me!

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    You have already been told to go with what will be in your best interest in the location where you will be working. What is it you are trying to achieve? You have already stated your opinion, so go with it.
    Government is a disease...
    ...masquerading as its own cure…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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    yep you guys pegged that one. If that wasnt and advertizment for joining the union, I dont know what would be. He is definatly a troll for advocating the union. I have been on boths sides of the table so I can see both having there good points. I just never liked the scummy tactics some of the radical union guys used such as pulling ladders to strand non union guys on roofes. But then I always thought union shops had a little better training being your having a lot of guys at the training classes for union as compared to small shops trying to just do in house with what little training material you have. Like I say Im not advocating one or the other, I would rather work for a shop that I liked the people Im working with. lol I liked OUTSIDES coment on the true lol.

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    Being from the South, never been in or had to compete with Union other than my ancestors fightin the blue coats. WHen I started out as a maintenance man in late teens and early 20's I worked hourly, had vacation days, sick days, etc. I found that I adopted a certain hard to describe mentality. Maybe the word "dependent" is the right work. When I got laid off during a slow period I blamed the company. The Cubans would have called me a "come-mierda"

    After that I started out working as a refrigeration tech for a small company but on a straight commission basis. I provided tools, truck, etc. but for a commission. I could take vacation anytime I wanted as long as it wasn't the 5 month busy season.

    I learned that being independant and not subjecting myself to the whims of others was the most important thing for a man. If I did good I prospered, if I was lazy I failed.

    Later I opened my own business with my meager savings and sweat. After a few years it has reached the level that I feel comfortable. I'm still a slave but I make the rules, fight my battles, and I have to live or die by them. I have no one to blame for bad decisions other than myself.

    I don't think I could ever accept the pack mentality of a Union. The us against them mentality. The greedy coorporation versus the little man mentality. I don't need an organization to take up for me like a big brother. That is emasculating. I could never accept a job where you are not judged by what you produce or how talented you are but by "seniority".

    IMHO Unions were once necessary but I question the validity of them these days. I'm sure that a lot of Union techs are better than I am. But I'm sure that I accomplish 10 times more with my limited knowledge.

    BTW I WILL wrap duct if I had to. I'll do what it takes to get the job done and provide for my family.

    BTW I never have to brag about how many vacation days I get. I get as many as I want. The other year, the summer was so good that I practically took off the fall and winter except for phone conversations. I worked maybe 10-15 hours a week.

    If someone offered me TWICE the salary and benefits of GRUVN I wouldn't trade it for I have. I would like to see GRUVN try to open up a company and succeed at it. He could brag to the customers about how smart he is and how nobody is as good a tech as he. Of course he wouldn't do the work that was required because he might have to insulate ductwork and then he would turn it down and beneath his skill level.

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    If what you say is true then we would all be owners and we would have no workers and no work. Some of us don't have the luck to be able to own a business so your story is unfair for others to compair to. The majority of us try to make do with what we have and we are always looking for ways to make it better.

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    Thumbs down

    Been here. Done this.

    What a waste of energy.

    Don't know why I'm even wasting the energy replying to this thread.....bye.

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    Originally posted by 1metalman5
    If what you say is true then we would all be owners and we would have no workers and no work. Some of us don't have the luck to be able to own a business so your story is unfair for others to compair to. The majority of us try to make do with what we have and we are always looking for ways to make it better.
    There is no luck involved. I wish it were, than I wouldn't have to bust my ass for it.

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    I 'll just say this. I am UA. And an owner. And if I was guvn's boss, he'd be gone. Not even a blink of my eye.

    So many on here want to stand on the most extreme sides of this issue. There is a lot of good that comes out of that Hall. Alot more than the ones representing the Union on here. I am nuetral as far as emotions in this arguement.

    Been on both sides. I understand both sides. I wished the hell everyone in this trade could be raised up to the level we all deserve to make and be paid. This trade should be one big union, where WE. WE all can have all the good from both sides.

    The problem is, you guys in the middle of it here, have to pound on your chests and divide us.

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    Dowadude: I think you;re right. There's no perfect situation. Good and Bad in everything. Since I have very little exposure to unions I form my opionions from the comments of the people in unions. The comments seem straight out of left field. I can't relate to their mentality. They come across arrogant and pompous. But I'm sure there are a lot of balanced normal people in unions.

    But I tell you, If I had to turn into someone like a GRUVN to be in a union, I don't know what I'd do.

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