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    New Echelon Tech

    What technical breakthroughs are in the Pyxos platform?

    The Pyxos platform has many new and innovative technologies, including:

    * Self-Organization - Pyxos points are "self-organizing" whereby they can dynamically and autonomously assemble themselves into fully functioning networks without any human intervention. Echelon's self-organizing software makes it possible to mix and match different assemblies or components without changing wiring harnesses or using special configuration tools or software. By dispensing with a software tool for installation, manufacturers of configurable machines such as automobiles and refrigerators, can use one flexible assemble line where Pyxos enabled components are snapped into place and configured on the fly;
    * Media Independence - The Pyxos platform is designed to support wired and wireless media as required by the application or installation;
    * Miniaturized Pyxos Points - Pyxos Points are embedded inside sensors and actuators. Their small size makes them ideal for networking even the smallest sensors and actuators; and
    * Network Extensibility - The Pyxos Pilot provides an interface between the Pyxos Points inside a machine and host processors, LonWorks control networks and the Internet.

    What is technically important about the Pyxos platform?

    The Pyxos self-organizing software offers unique features unavailable elsewhere. Echelon worked with a consortium of appliance manufacturers on a self-installing appliance control network that would be acceptable to technically-unskilled consumers. The resulting software provided the framework for the media-independent, self-organizing capability that is built into the Pyxos platform. The diminutive Pyxos IC packaging was made possible by miniaturizing Echelon's proven free-topology digital signal processing circuitry and on-board I/O circuits.

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    A proprietary control networking solution from Echelon!!

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    Don't let the bitterness consume you. Well, they actually said you can use it with or without Lonworks, so you still may be wrong.

    Anyway, check the video (right hand side of page)
    Pyxos Carpet Demo
    The guy is demonstrating the benefits of a Pyxos carpet.

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    I think this will be a very disruptive technology in our industry. I'm surprised you guys haven't picked up on it.

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