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    This was so cool I wish they had this when I was a kid. I swear I dreamed about stuff like this when I was her age and now it's her reality. The one in the blue is my 7YO, Danielle "Danny" "Dannie Bannani" and the one in the pink is my 4 YO Jacklyn "Jax" "Apple Jax" the boy is my sisters 8YO and they are at a rock wall at a Lifetime Fitness that has a VE Verticle Endevers inside.

    I really want to get my girls involved into this as a sport because I think they could have some real successes and it's healthy in every way, physically, mentally, spiritually.

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    Those rock walls are easier to climb when they are laid flat on the ground!

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    John should post some more pics of his little girls. They are beautiful!

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    We go to one around here called "Rock Quest" The kids can fly up them walls but you should see my fat ass get up them. It's funny.

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    went to an outdoors show with a friend wish i would have taken my kids cause they had one of those walls there

    some of those 7 yr olds were really good at that

    i was over the weight limit

    guess i should have sued for them keeping me fat by not letting me exercise

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    I just got my 6 year old into the soccer league. She is doing great. She can out play most of the boys and all the girls on her team. It keeps her active outside so she isn't just parked infront of the TV all day.Plus it is relaxing after a stressful week to just sit down and watch them play a couple game each weekend.

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