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Thread: Hey Diceman

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    Originally posted by muskie770
    Thats a pretty car, SE. But the Model displaying it is much prettier. Click on the red house and shoot me an e-mail, I need your address.
    I Muskie, he ain't sending you any private pics of the model, forget it...
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    The Greek Church sells tables for dinner, dancing and an auction to companies in town to raise money for different non-profit organizations. They have done this for 15yrs. The bank Liz works for bought one and we were invited. Saw a lot of my customers since I do a lot of work for greek restaurants here. Only bid on one thing, 2 credential passes to any NASCAR race this year. Went for 1,100. Cheapist thing was a deep sea fishing trip for 6 went for 850. Food was great of course.
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    My first car was a challenger, after a couple months I figured I was going to die in it so I got rid of it.

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    1st car was a 1964 chevy chevelle w/ 4 speed on the tree. talk about hard to learn to drive, after that car everything else was a piece of cake.

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    Mine was also a 1955 Chevy ragtop.

    I bought it when I was 16 years old for $40.00 with money I saved from my paper route.

    It had the usual rust holes over the headlights, under the tail lights, the rocker panels and the top leaked when it rained.

    But when your 16, the sun is shining, and the top is down life is good.
    We've been doing so much,for so long,with so little, that now we can do almost anything, with nothing at all.

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