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    condo a/c what are my choices

    I have a split system in a condo unit that needs replaced. Currently its a national comfort system. is the link to the new system. I installed one before and Im not very fond of it at all. Just wondering if there is anything like it out there. I cant put a condenser outside. This one sits under the furnace and has a fan that pulls in outside air through the condenser coil and exhausts it back out all through a hole in the outside wall. Carrier, armstrong use to make a unit like that but they dont any more. Can anyone point me to a web sight where i can find something other than a national comfort system?

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    Unfortunately you don't have alot of choices with that type of unit. They are common, but not common enough for alot of manufactures to get on board. That and there's a good chance that the Carrier and Armstrong units were exactly the same, just made by national comfort and re-labeled.

    What are you unhappy with?

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    There's also First Company. Did one last summer. I wasn't overly impressed but it did the job. In a bedroom closet, don't recall it being noisy enough to bother the sleeper.

    Carrier made their own years ago. Don't recall seeing an Armstrong in many many years. Goodman had one, we put a couple in about 5 years ago but they dropped it. Don't think we've seen either one since.

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