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    Hot water radiator skunky Smell

    Hi All,

    Just moved into a new house that has hot water radiators. In one room (hardwood floors) there is a small gap around the pipe that leads up to the radiator from the basement.

    A very strong skunky smell has been coming up from this gap. Exterminators have come and said there is no way there is an animal (alive or dead) in there. I am at a loss, just curious if anyone has any suggestions on what this might be?


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    Would not be coming from the radiator. The hydronic system should be sealed and under pressure.
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    The water inside the radiators, and piping can have a distinct odor, more of a stagnant water type smell. There may be a small leak allowing the water smell to escape.

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    Are you sure it's a "water" system?

    Maybe it's a steam system?

    If it's steam, leaks go unnoticed, without major water damage showing. If in a concealed space, it sprays hot mist, and could over time create mold.

    Could that be what your smelling?
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