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    Have you ever had to help them out. I fixed her A/C. I did it for my son. It took all of 30 minutes. Also kept her from raising my child support. This is what I did and stand behind it.. I did what I thought was right.

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    My 1st wife asked me to fix her car I said no. Then a month later she asked me to help her pay for an abortion, I said hell no. That's the last time she asked me for help.

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    I rebuilt the motor on her broomstick so she can fly this holloween night.

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    was married for 23 yrs got the big D a little over 5 yrs ago she moved to new jersy with her internet boy friend and i havent seen her sense. see wanted me to pay a 2000.00 dollar hospital bill she had after she left i told her no. she said that i should because she gave me the house and all the furnishings . alls she took was the car. but anywhay i am remarried to a wonderfull woman now that i love very much. Glad that 23 yrs are over.

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    I paid for her to go to an insurance school to get her license. Figured it was cheeper in the long run to pay out one chunk to get her into a decent paying career than getting nickled and dimed by her.
    Last I knew, she was working on her 4th husband, so she is someone elses problem now.
    If more government is the answer, then it's a really stupid question.

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    Originally posted by bigbird
    I rebuilt the motor on her broomstick so she can fly this holloween night.

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    Been divorced for 6 years, I have the kids. No child support from her and the ironic part was while we were going through the divorce I had all the kids and her lawyer wanted me to pay $975 per month child support to her. The judge was going along with it until I smartened up and got myself a lawyer. Once that happened it stopped, my lawyer said he could try to get something out of her but I didn't need it and knew I never get it.
    She has since been remarried and her new husband is a real loser (no, not jealous). Her a/c has been out for 2 years now and I offered to fix it for her at my cost for parts and he wouldn't do it. They have since had two kids together and no a/c in her house. Needless to say she spends most days at my house, visiting the kids. What is even worse is the loser of a husband she has won't give her any money for medicines for the kids so I end up loaning (giving) her the cash for the medicine.
    Just like I was married still, have to listen to her crap, giving her cash for stuff and still ain't getting laid. Times sure don't change much.

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    My exs moved away,made things a lot better,IMHO.

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    when my divorce happend to the boss's daughter in a family owned business my job divorced i miss her the job that she has a carpender husband working for old dad duing my job.makeing more money than i do proboly and dosent know his a** from a hole in the ground. what goes around comes around if i ever get bored enough to travel 150 miles and take a dig. camera i could find some good stuff for the wall of shame.if anybody works around balt. or wash. area let me know maybe you could save me a trip.

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    This sounds like it could be a television program --- a variation on the X Files.

    Seattle Pioneer

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