ever have to sit through one of these?

I lift at a police station.

over the past few days I have been listening to this conversation.......

one cop has aquired and installed a furnace for another. during the initial test, the unit ran for ten mins then shut down on press. sw. code. I have at this point done enough nibshitting to know its a trane 100,000 90%. the installer cop jumps the switch, it runs. ok bad switch.

Man, my lip was quivering I was so tortured. stayed outta it though.

last night the installer cop brought the poor install victim cop a new press sw.. tonight, victim cop says the problem persists with the new press switch. install cop says trane is effin junk and he should have gone with the carrier like he said. seems that BOTH the press. switch and the "pony motor" are faulty. he'll have a pony motor wed. or thu., his brothers gotta go get it.

Ok these guys are talking so loud I can tell their indirectly pupming me for advise. I ask the guy if he checked pressure with a manometer....cause I know danm well its the flues. his answer? "yes"...and he kinda rolled his eyes to go along with it.

the moral of the story? cops are dicks.