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I would watch the weather channel for another day and get a better idea of where it is going to hit. Then if ti looks like it's going to hit Louiosiana, I'll go to texas on vacation or something.
maybe that strategy will give you an "A" plus in the Nagin school of 'burying your head in the sand', maybe not
I thought it would get me an "A" also, but in the Bush school of burying my head in the head in the sand.

Actually Carnak, this is a great question, everybody and there brother was on here saying what they should have done, and now they have they're chance.

Quite honestly, My first reactions would be to call a meeting of all authorities of all states that could be potentially involved and have them submit there emergency evacuation plans to me. I would then stop all people that are in the process of returning to New Orleans and turn them around, remember, the hurricane is not as devestating to most places as it is to New Orleans, so given the norm, a 72 hour evac notice will suffice for most states and cities.Then I owuld wait another day or til it crosses FL.

What would you do at this point ?