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Thread: Holland Grill

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    Holland Grill

    I'm looking into buying a Holland grill--new Wrangler model or Maverick, or what the dealers may have (Heritage Plus). Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    im no grill master so bare with me.

    my father inlaw has the heritage (i think) everything that comes off that thing tastes baked. his has the antiflare up plate in it so the flame never touches the meat. i dont care for it but if im gonna grill i wanna taste it.

    other than that he has had it 6 yrs and it still looks brand new! he has never had a problem with it either.

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    I have to agree with jeep6275. I took the plate out of mine, to me ya gotta have smoke and flames to get the taste. Otherwise, I've had mine for 7 years now and still love it. My neighbors are replacing theirs every 4 years or so, mine stills look real good.


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