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    secondary market for new HVAC

    A fairly new HVAC ( AGZ030ch - McQuay), installed last fall ~ is there a secondary market to sell this equipment. The chiller is too large for the area it was placed and is now going to need to replace it with a low-profile similar tonage equipment. Thanks

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    Used equipment is like used underwear. No one wants them and everyone thinks they smell bad.

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    Glad to see you won in your battle to get it removed!

    Is the new one simple shorter, or is it quieter too?

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    Unfortunately, our saga continues. The Board is not approving the HVAC but the folks are now appealing the decision because of their potential financial loss, an excuse that could reverse the decision. If we had knowledge of a secondary market for new, slighly used equipment, it would be useful information to know. Thanks

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    You might try getting in contact with the folks at Surplus City if you are located in the US. They may be able to help.

    Surplus City Liquidators
    PO Box 607
    409 Indianapolis Ave
    Lebanon IN 46052
    (765) 482-7000 Fax (765) 482-8740

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