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    Originally posted by Nevada
    Originally posted by nevada

    Next month the gas prices in Georgia will be 15 per gallon more than they are now.
    That was just one of those "dah" comments. Georgia is not charging their usual 15 cents per gallon tax on gasoline during the month of September. Although the state averaged about the lowest gas prices in the US, the Governor saw the political advantage to give the tax revenue back to the voters. Come 1 October, the charge will be back on.

    neva-duh is the only person who could have missed spelled the word duh.

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    I am predicking that your crapy threads are coming to suhot life

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    senior tech and dec

    What is wrong with my reply early in the thread. I think gas prices will drop 15 cents a gallon?? Just a statement to the post. It did drop 15 cents and more. Roy

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