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    Next month the gas prices in Georgia will be 15 per gallon more than they are now.

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    I predidict that a gallon of gasoline will drop 15 cents next month.

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    I predict that most of us don't care what you two predict...

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    senior tech ........ thats not a prediction , THATS A FACT

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    It's the pre-heating season.... and there's bound to be some light breeze's blowing at the oil companies houses... I forsee a raise of at least .30 cents before the end of oct.

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    I predict the boss will put gas in my van at $2.50 or $3.50 and pass it on to the consumer. I also predict I'll pay more on for health insurance this year. Man, I must be related to Psychic Olga or something

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    I think the oil companies are so slick..jack it up over night 50 cents...let us all whimper a few weeks then lower it 25 cents and we are all happy ....dotn even notice that it stayed raised 25 cents....just smile and fill up.

    I predict the oil companies will find some very good the need for heating oil reducing gasoline production to jack prices up to $3.50 then lower it to a really cheap $3.25 a gallon.

    I predict that we will all whimper but will be complaining while we put fuel in our cars, trucks and suvs....the oil companies have us by the short hairs.
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    I predict that I wont check in on this thread anymore.
    "Nothing else can poison our culture, corrupt our society or ruin the character of our people like unearned money or unearned opportunity." -- James R. Cook

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    Which gas???????

    Car gas? Deisel? Heating fuel? Natural Gas? LP? Farts? If the price of food goes up, so does the price of farts.
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    I just go out at night and siphon gas so it don't matter to me what it goes up to.

    Oh yeah...............I just farted. Can I start saving them in a bag and make some money?

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    what you mean short hair doglips they have you by your testicles right now

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    Originally posted by nevada

    Next month the gas prices in Georgia will be 15 per gallon more than they are now.
    That was just one of those "dah" comments. Georgia is not charging their usual 15 cents per gallon tax on gasoline during the month of September. Although the state averaged about the lowest gas prices in the US, the Governor saw the political advantage to give the tax revenue back to the voters. Come 1 October, the charge will be back on.

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    This is true. You already knew that Georgia used to have the lowest prices in the nation. Now, you can quote this because my barber told it to me. The Atlanta mayor has caused a bill to be presented and pass that will cause a gasoline tax to pay for Atlanta sewage system repair and upgrade.

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