And that would be...

PROPER attic access!

I come across improper attic access almost everyday and post the WORST ones in the Wall of Shame.

Here's some pix of what I'd like to see MORE of.
Remember. This is RARE! But how it is in the mechanical code book...

First of all. I dislike the attic. But at least right away I open the scutle lid and for ONCE there isn't a pile of blown in insulation falling all over me and the floor.

That's because they did this one right and built up a barrier around the scuttle opening to hold back the insulation.

And another bonus. Somehow they got all the Cable Guy, Security Guy, and all the other subs to NOT put their wire right over the cat walk and the scuttle opening like they USUALLY do.

Here it is ran around the access and away form the cat walk.

There is also that orange fire sprinkler line. At least it's not ran on top of the cat walk like the idiots usually do.

As you crawl up in here.
WHOA! A clear view of a nicely built cat walk!
Usually IF there is a cat walk around here, it's covered by the inso and wiring!

Then it goes over here to a higher area over the vaulted ceiling.
But for once the cat walk continues and everything is in some sort of order. No backwards installed units, and the cat walk is actually mounted to something solid.

usually if you get a cat walk, it sags on each step like you're about to fall through.

I am pretty sure Charlie installed these units believe it or not.
They are starting to clean their act up a little bit.

This looks like GOLD compared to the **** that is installed by the co I work for now!

I wish they would do this on EVERY attic install....
Wishful thinking!