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    Disaster relief Donations

    I have been visiting this site since about three years before I became a registered member. I have seen how members have pulled together to help their own in time of need, mostly with emotional support, but there has been occasions where monetary collections were set up. Our follow Americans have been hit and hit hard. Another monster will strike during the short life of this thread. There is a lot more that can be done here instead of posting derogatory comments about the leaders and relief efforts evolved.

    My first thought of this thread’s topic was, "Put your money where your mouth is". A collections thread or (NEW) category should be started that will bring some good to those less fortunate. I know for all of us it has been a great year for business; for most, one of the best in over three years. Think of a difference that can be made.

    Now, so this won't be turned into a "Kick Nevada thread", I will be the first to say that I am not the person to oversee such an event on this site. There are great leaders here that hopefully will step forward. I will also not be able to participate farther than making this suggestion, because I gave 10k shortly after Katrina hit.

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    if i ever want to be a pro scam artist id want ot learn form you. taht wa worded good. i would have got the check book if you name wasn't on it.

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    Are you dyslexic or do you just type to fast and then don't proof read??

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