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Everyone knows being on call is part of the job.....if ya don't like it change professions...there are plenty of guys looking for a chance to take your spot.
There may be plenty of guys out there looking to take his spot with no insurance, no vacation pay, no 401K, etc., but are they guys or are they technicians. That's right, 95% of them are guys and not refrigeration and/or air conditioning techs.

Case in point. A "guy" the other day is working on a small split in a mall that I'm at comes over and says "look at these things, they don't even have any numbers on them". I look at them and see that it's 410a marked marked manifold guage set. I state this and he come back with "What's that?" Come to find out this "guy" went to TCI technical school(or something like that)and recieved his a/c - refrigeration diploma like 5 years ago. How deaf have you have had to be to not even hear about R-410a. Remember now that the guy is doing commercial a/c work so the "he's just a residential guy" won't fly here.

That is what is out there looking to take R-12's job. He can have it as far as I'm concerned.


When I say "guys" I was referring to techs, not apprentices...I kinda figured you would have known that.

As far as insurance, 401k...etc. I would never have taken a job in the first place without benefits....so I feel no sympathy....

I live 45 min. away from most of our stores.....I chose to live there so I can't whine about getting called out..

R12 chose to live 45 mins. away....so that's how it goes...
You might consider yourself damn fortunate you have benifits!