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Reason for the answer to this thread...so what if a customer calls at 6pm on a Saturday night, you accepted the employment, and where told the conditions of employment before hiring, I hope.
I was not informed about the rotation schedule when I was brought in.
I am not paid anything for being on call, save for the hours I roll out to a call for.

If it were up to me, I would not schedule anyone to be an on call responder unless they wanted the overtime!
There are plenty of single techs working at various outfits who are more than earger to handle all the overtime they can find.
They simply do NOT have a life, so to speak.

Personally, I have a life.
My identity is NOT in what I do for a living. (you wouldnt know that by looking at my post count though)
I have others who are inter-dependant on me and myself on them.
We do things together both as family as well as extended family.

They were there for me before this job came along and they will be there for me looooong after this job goes away.
I cannot say that about service contractors.
They change some of their crew out like they change filling stations or cellular carriers.
Only dif being .... I dont hold any sort of contract with my employers.
I am simply there for as long as they want me. And once they perceive that I am no longer of value to them ...I am down the road looking elsewhere for employment.
I am simply a commodity to them. And until such time as I am "released" from my present responsibilities ...I will continue to be viewed as "flex-labor".

I am the one who must be flexible to their need for a mechanic.
I am the one who is sent out to do their work.
I am the one who is sent to deliver, fix, assist with whatever is considered neceessary for the company's interests.

And for this I get the use of a truck.
I get parts to install.
I get a Nextel/ cell.
I get a gas card.
I get a ladder, which no one else is willing to climb up anymore.
I get a recovery unit no one in the company can figure out how to use or is willing to carry on theri truck.
and I get a torch.

Everything else on the truck is mine.
The knowledge and experience is mine.

And I sell my time to the company at a rate which is 3/4 of what was agreed upon when I came on board.
And that was BEFORE I found out, on the sly, that there are no benefits with this outfit whatsoever!!!

Insurance, no.
uniforms, no
401K, no.
etc., no.

I do, however, find some of the people there interesting and even quite civil.
Friendly in fact. Some are even really and truly nice.
In all honesty, most of them are nice.

And much of the hands on work is actually interesting and holds my attention. The other half does not.

If I had another job to transition into, I would be there tomorrow.
This area is NOT a tech's market right now!

Employer's are very fickled here in Austin.

I am not here posting all this stuff to find a fix.
I am not here to put anyone down.
People do what they do for their own reasons. Good or bad.
And I cannot change that.
it's not my job, man.

I'm just lettin' off some steam around some people who know exactly what I am talking about.

and for those unfortunate enough to be consideirng entering this trade... this may just warn them enough to look elsewhere for a new carreer.