With only a few exceptions, there is no reason for a tech to be out past 10 PM. This leads to tired overworked tech that make costly mistakes. And that is a quote from a man I used to work for. He had his shop for 30 plus years and knew some thing about this industry.

All you are looking after is your dollars and to hell with the tech. Most service calls are due to neglect. Why should you make a guy drag his ass out of bed between 12 and 5 in the morning to repair someone's POS equipment that hasn't been service in five years.


I should have been clearer: I do not work on or do any resi work. It is 100% commercial / industrial, therefor, if one of my customers call for service at anytime, it could be their computer / server room ac down, a hospital blood bank refer down, and one time a morgue refer down, so yes, my techs will haul themselves out at anytime, day or night, holiday or not to repair the problem. I am not looking for the dollars, just keeping my clients happy, and, I have my techs take the neccessary time off if they worked late, or had a call late into the night.