Ok .... I accept the fact I rotated into duty for this weekend.
The boss opted out once I started.

Ok ... so here I am .. being a good little service man and sticking by the radio, not going fishing like was planned ... not running all over creation ... just hangin out. READY.

mid afternoon I get this call from maintenance at one of our accounts.
So I head on up to Austin, find the place, check it out.

The tenants had simply NOT turned the t-stat low enough.

Oh I admit ... the sucker is probably all clogged up with animal hair. The apt looked like it hadnt seen a vacume cleaner since before Y2K was a threat!

But the system was running and doing all it could do ... just like it had been this MORNING!!!

As well as all of last week!!!

And yet they wait to tell maintenance until a weekend and they expect the service contractor to wave some kind of magic want and all of a sudden it's gonna be perfect!

It's a real good thing I am not a vengeful person.

Cause I coulda stayed there and fixed the problem.

Oh yes .... I could have made it all better and increased the performance ... oh yes!!!

I could have moved in and taken that sucker all apart!!!

Right there in their living room/ hall/ kitchen area!
Right next to where they were sprawled watching their afternoon movie.

And when I brought in that new SIXTEEN GALLON SHOP VAC I bought ... (to replace the "chicken soup" model which was stolen) ... they would have been begging for mercy!!!

But I refrained from doing anything disruptive to their afternoon!
I held my calm. I remained patient.

I checked er out, made sure it would run until Monday and left with a promise to return.

It takes just under an hour to fiddle thru traffic going into Austin.

So I'm heading home ...thinking I made it thru the worste of Saturday.

I arrive right back where I started from, home ... Lockhart ... and then the radio goes off.

It reads "unidentified number". So I think it's another friend of the boss's who calls my radio thinking he still has it.

No biggee.

a minute later. .. the boss, (the other boss) in calling.

he tells me the maintenance guy at that same account just called and says there is another unit down .... SAME APT COMPLEX ..... AUGH!!!

By now it's SIX O'CLOCK!!!

My blood pressure soared!!! But I said I would call and go.

The boss said to tell the tenant we'd be there in the morning. When he said this, I was relieved, slightly.

I call and explain that ... and she comes practically unglued!


What I want to know is why couldnt maintenance call me WHILE I WAS THERE STILL!!!???

And why did this tenant wait until supper time to call maintenance?

Didnt she think the later it got, the lessor her chances were of maintenance finding someone to come out?

Worse case scenario, she will spend thirty five dollars on a night in a local motel.

Once I gave her the office number, I never heard back from the boss.

When I see maintenance next week ... I wanna have a word with Phillip.
I think I need to give him my cell number and discuss a few things.

like checking where the t-stat is set at BEFORE calling us on the weekend!