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    Got the bid, 3,000 to drop them 7,000 to chop em up and stack em. I will choose soon, thanks for the input guys.

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    That's just a drop in the bucket for a big bucks guy such as yourself aint it?

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    An ancestor of mine died when a tree he was chopping down fell on him while he was helping a neighbor clear some land.

    I think that knowledge has kept me alive for a long time.

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    Slacking off right now
    gruvn photo op take movies of the trees felling
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    Lightbulb I cant believe I didnt think of this earlier

    Gruvn, do you have any local lumber companies? Down here depending on how many trees and how big they are they will come take them down and pay you for them.
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    very soon it is you that will be pwned

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    Originally posted by NormChris
    Originally posted by condenseddave
    City boys.
    Well, at least they know that there is a newsletter.
    There's a newsletter?

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    I tell it it's ugly and its mama dresses it funny. That usually does it.
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    There's a newsletter?

    Yea and next month, there is going to be a picture of a guy with a hatchet in his hand and a tree up his on the cover

    Eddie , you can finally use that tip you got from that old lady you ganked last year to have those trees cut down.

    I wouldnt pay the extra money to have them cut them up, you can do that easy enough with a sawsall. That way we still have half a chance at a good story....I mean story

    just havethem cut 1 tree , watch them to see how they do it , then DIY

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