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    Confused yaep york CHILLER

    we have YAEP chiller failed ( high ambient )
    we test ( ambient sensor ) its good
    its new chiller all reading value is good
    what the broblem please reply me

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    I think you got the wrong model#, which might be YEAP..high temp. trip may be caused by many reasons, such as refrigerant overcharge, fan failure, temps sensor failure and etc.

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    Confused yaep again

    thank you
    but the chiller is new (not used before) and it was started up well ; before about 1 month from the problem occured

    the ambient not exceed more than 37c
    we change the microprocessor board early because the eprom base was damaged and reprogrammed the chiller as the factory setting in the catalouge
    the chiller now failed high ambient
    i think its the flow rate not good because the client was connected a timer on the water pumps line
    (is that correct connecting a timer on the water pumps line) ???????

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