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Thread: What are these?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phase Loss View Post
    whatever they are, I would find who put them there and kick them in the nuts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr kev View Post
    It's kramers version of a hx called the " thermolator ". I just found it. Here is the link. See page 6 I think.
    Thanks.....I think you nailed it.

    But what now I don't get.......from the description of operation, I don't see why these systems have them. The freezers are electric defrost. Both the coolers and freezers don't have thermobanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ascj View Post
    Yeah I did....and that's what kinda got me. I didn't get any real temp difference on the liquid. Mind you, I only checked the one I was working on.(they are a bit a pain the ass to get to)
    Specific heat of a liquid will be much higher than that of a vapor's, therefore you will not have as much of a difference in the liquid line as you will on a suction line with only vapor.

    Especially if it does not carry a solid column of liquid.

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