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    Can anyone give me a clue how to find helper's that will work,be courtious to customers,not fart,spit,curse,and or masturbate in the presence of customer's.It seems these day's it's pretty much impossible to just order a #2 from wendy's and get it right.What's the world coming too?

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    Who you hiring...inmates?

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    I dont have trouble finding guys who are good workers, polite, clean and want to learn

    now if only i could get them to show up on time

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    Not inmates yet,but all the same probably should be,hence the question.

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    first, answer this.

    where can a seasoned tech, family man, a man with his own tools, clean drving record, no drinking while drive charges, no mandatory employee deductions, no swearing, farting, spitting ... no ohter stuff you listed either!

    Where is he to find employers who demonstrate respect for his knowledge?
    Where is he to find co-workers who are like-minded?
    Where is he to find employers who believe in continuiong education?
    Up to date vehicles, like ... in this same decade?
    Proper vehicle maintenance.
    Great medical insurance.
    Real uniforms, suited to the work being handled.
    No un-necessary paperwork forsed upon the techs shoulders.
    Where managers are there simply to "enable" the mechanics to do their jobs, without micro managing their every move.
    where the employee is not viewed as a commodity, or as flex-labor whenever the times are slow.

    unless there are employers out there like I have listed, there wont be employee's like you want.
    Simply because there is no one to Mentore these types in the first place.
    And if they are not taught how to behave ... how do you expect them to learn how to act?

    just remember, most guys who are any good in this trade are pretty darned independant!
    It comes from having self reliance and not finding employers who support them at all so they had to do everything that pertained to their getting the job done.

    The mechanic had to get the truck maintenanced.
    The mechanic had to get his route organized to find the customer's place of business.
    The mech had to figure the best time to show up for the call.
    The mech had to stock hw truck so as to best handle all the calls he or she would encounter.
    The mech had to figure out which supply houses to choose to use for each type of part or material they needed.
    They had to choose which part was best for each application.
    Afterall, one size does NOT fit all!!!

    thye basically had to compensate for bad managers, lousy attitudes from co-workers as well as customers.
    They had to deal with customers complaining about prices, schedules and everything under the sun.
    While the office staff was being spared from much of this.
    And the mechanic had to do all this, and so much more, outside of an air conditioned environment!
    Which is where most management and staff spend all of theri time. (with some expception, of course)

    the list of what a great seasoned tech, mechanic, has to deal with is too long for even me to write out.

    and the average boss is gonna offer such a man what??? $20 an hour and after 90 days ... decide to offer him twenty five cents an hour raise ... if they make a committment to stay for ever and not ever once ask for another benefit ever???

    and as far as benefits go, they get to drive the work vehicle home?
    They may or may not receive some sort of "suplemental health insureance".

    I have spent, like most men in my position, half my life getting better and better at what I do for a living.
    And the co-worker I serve with is making more money than I do.
    And he has less time in the service end of the trade than I do. By a ratio of ten to one.
    Plus he has had no training whatsoever in what he is doing.
    And he makes more an hour than I do.

    So what does that tell you about employers having skill with treating employees?

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    and the average boss is gonna offer such a man what??? $20 an hour and after 90 days ... decide to offer him twenty five cents an hour raise ...

    Ah $20.00 an hour, those were the good old days. they are starting to offer experienced techs 8 to 10 an hour now
    our company pays their installation and service 10.66 to start

    you get the opertunity to buy their health insu after 4 months and you have to work there a year in order to buy into their 401K---no matching funds during those times when company profit is down, they will put in 10% of your contribution during those times when profits are up

    you are going to have to finally decide that it is time to go on your own and start your own busniess

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    I may be in my own little world by saying this ... but in my opinion ... we are quite valuable in this Western Culture of ours!
    And if anyone had to pick a certain trade to do away with, ours would not be near the top of the list of services to suffer without!

    In fact, I believe we are more valuable, in this society, than doctors!

    Now a hundred years ago, that would not be the case. But then also, a hundred years ago ... doctors knew what was expected of them and they did perform the work to suit the patient's best interest. And they made house calls. And they were flexible. And they had good manners. And they werent' all so full of themselves that every time you meet with one ... you feel like you need to go have an "ennema" just to clean yourself up after the visit!

    And yet ... just look at how hospitals treat most medical doctors today.
    Those guys make out like bandits!!!

    Since I left Oregon, where I went to school for this trade. I have lived in very hot climates.
    The California Desert and Central Texas.

    Yet, the wages have always stunk!

    And the benefits have varied from fair to terrible. (present company accepted)
    Oh .. one outfit a year ago ...Exact Temp ... they were the one exception. They offered great benefits and all.

    So tell us here ... what does a guy have to do to be taken care of? In place of being taken for a ride!

    I dont need to make a $100K a year. (it would be nice...)
    But it would sure be nice if an employer looked over my tools and sugested upgrades ... via payroll deductions.
    It would be nice to have a manager ask for advice from time to time. Just to see where a given employee is at, in their thinking/ reasoning skills.

    It woudl be nice if an employer decided they wanted the best people to work on the customer's equipment. So they set out to find out what each technician didnt know or was simply uncomfortable with servicing.
    Just ask them... and honest man or woman will gladly tell you.
    the rest ... you dont even want working around you.

    I want a guy who will clearly state what they feel comfortable with and what they have trouble with servicing.

    Everybody has strengths as well as weaknesses.
    Find them and shore up the weaknesses and build upon the strengths!

    But NO!!!...... employers dont want to do it that way!

    In their arrogance they believe, or assume, that all men are made the same!!!
    And the fact that one performs differently than another is some kind of indication he or she is lazy or stupid!

    frankly, I refuse flat out to go change a five ton in an rtu in the middle of the day ... on an a/c.

    however, if you send me to a market, on a Friday and say that such and such isnt working ... I'll stick with with even if the roof is slick, standing water cause it just stormed there ... work on four/forty in the dark, without a ladder, without backup ... without having worked on VFD before ...and I'll stay there til she is back online!

    When there's a legit emergancy ... I'll go the extra mile. However, when it's just a matter of convenience and the boss wont send help to get er done is short order ... there is gonna be issues.
    It takes longer to get your junk on the roof than it does to un-sweat and brase in a new unit.

    Besides ... guys who are seasoned have pretty much been around the block and ... "been there/ done that".
    We get bored so easily.
    We want a challenge once in awhile.

    We want to work on the tough dog problems and let the green-horns do the "same ol, same ol".

    Or here is a novel sugestion, let the seasoned guys Mentore the new guys!
    How bout THAT?

    "Nope!" ...cant afford the manpower ...says most employers!

    so the seasoned guys are out there doing filter changes and PM's on RTU's.

    gag me with a spoon!

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    you about described the employers i have worked for to a t
    just to add :your'e doing filter bashing and you get a call from the apprentice whom is strugging to get a lennox dms4 multizone running (the office sent him there cause he knew how to find the building) - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

    Arguing with some people is like wrestling a pig - eventually you realise the pig actually enjoys it

    Gonads serve a useful purpose but are no substitute for brains

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    Maybe you should try it here up north. There are tons of companies that offer full benefits, have new trucks, uniforms, 401K and are standup places to work.

    I am not trying to start a war here but everything I read about Texas and Florida tells me there are a lot of hack employers.


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    Michigan has our share of hacks. I know of a few that aren't. But remember the hacks keep the service dept busy fixing stuff cause of poor installations.
    Hire Me....


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