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    R410a - Charge w/cylinder upside down or not?

    I've noticed that some guidance says that R410a cylinders have a dip tube, and they do not have to be turned upside down to allow liquid refrigerant to flow. But, I notice the techs turn the cylinder upside down when they re-charged my Carrier Infinity yesterday. Which way is it?

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    ITs on the Cylinder and yes upside down it can not be put in as a gas.

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    It depends on the cylinder.

    They are clearly marked as to how the cylinder needs to be oriented for proper charging.

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    I recall reading in a RHEEM installation manual that sometime in 1990s, 410 cylinders had a dip tube to dispense liquid in upright position, but now they don't feature them.

    The real question is though, if its "nearly azeotrope" system that supposedly do not suffer from fractionation and the charge can be replenished without complete evacuation and recharging, then I don't see why it matters if its charged as liquid or gas. If it does, then it means it suffers from fractionation.

    Anyways, if you're going to charge as liquid, I believe its advisable to use a flash-evaporator thing that will atomize/vaporize the liquid before its injected into the system to mitigate the chance of hydro-locking the compressor.

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    I have tremendous success using the old "throttle at the bottle" for liquid 410a charging. Just let the high side in your manifold run back to the low side before disconnecting the low side hose from the system.
    Extended dehydration is the key

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