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    Wolfstrike Editorial : Internet Is Becoming Annoying

    the good ol' days of the internet are coming to an end and i seriously think i'm going to opt-out in a couple of years.

    * the thing that's really been annoying me lately is these websites are driving me crazy with their "security".
    every web site that provides a service, you have to register, so they have an email that they can send their junk spam to.
    "your password must be 8 letters long, contain at least one capital letter , and at least one number"

    how about this for a password.. "Go Screw Y0urself!" ?

    if i want my password to be "a" , isn't that my freaking business.
    i'm not worried about some 14 year old kid hacking into my email to read my spam.

    every time i have to register, i send the account to a free email address that i never read other than get to confirmation.
    (it used to be, some sites wouldn't accept free email addresses, these people really thought they could block every free address provider)

    * last month i go to check my email, the thing is taking time to load.
    "enjoy our new version"
    ...the new annyong version.
    the mail system runs slower for all kinds of improvements no one cares about.
    i clicked on "use old version" , but it doesn't save. every time i go to the site i have to go through the same crap.

    it took me 15 MINUTES to go from an email link today.
    they disabled links for my safety.
    i tried to turn off the link disabler, i went througuh pages of options that no one gives a damn about, and still didn't find it.
    i tried to highlight and copy the whole email, they had that screwed up too.
    every time i tried to click on the link, it would send me to the top of the page.
    ...about this time i wanted to kill some web programmer.
    i clicked on the link one more time , and it worked, i have no idea why.

    * everyone wants you to use the internet.
    a couple of months ago i called the unemployment office.
    the guy told me 4 times to use the internet, i was like, F YOU, i know you guys think you've answered everyone's questions, but you haven't and i'm not talking to machines.

    the unemployment office monitors you now , you have to log into their site every week or they don't pay.
    if you don't have the net you have to go to their office.

    these businesses and the government want everyone to use the net so they don't have to hire people to enter data.
    you fill out your form on the net, and they mail you a check.
    gee, i wonder if there will be fraud there.

    * my dad buys a brand new computer.
    Best Buys says, we need your email address.
    i said "he doesn't have one"
    the guy Best Buy says "it won't let me continue without one"
    i said "he's buyng his computer now. you better think of something."

    my dad, using Windows 8 (or whatever) goes to print stock quotes, the thing prints 3 pages of crap, everything but the quotes.

    * these new web pages got sht popin' up everywhere, little helpful hints.
    crap trying to guess what you're typing before our done.
    if i get the right combination, running two programs, ..the pop-up hints will crash my explorer....thanks...helpful.

    * they've commercialized the search engines over the last year.
    when i do a search, i get the same web sites over and over.
    page 35 is the same as page 2.

    you type in "Lee Harvey Oswald"
    you get all kinds of stupid crap that says "We've found Lee Harvey Oswald in stock at Home Depo!"

    * i can tell dumb people are using the internet now.
    on TV they advertise,
    how wonderful, having people buy junk from you, and all you're doing is putting spyware on ther computer.

    who the hell clicks on these "You've won an IPOD, No Joke" advertisements that they need to put them on every web site?

    my sister, who is older than me, tells me she's decided to pay for Avast's anti-virus protection.
    (they supply one for free)
    i said , "you think the Chinese are trying to hack into your computer?"

    * and the thing that really bugs me are forums that change your type and your fonts all over the place
    this HVACtalk old style forum is so much easier to work with

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    where is the "i agree" button? (pun intended)

    use firefox as your browser instead of explorer..that should help some of your issues. The rest is because humanity is becoming dumber to where all they know how to do exactly what the computer says...and click.

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    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

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    Firefox, and gmail.

    Microsoft products suck. ISP provided e-mail accounts also suck.
    "You boys are really making this thing harder than it has to be". Me

    I like having infraction points, it makes me feel like 'one of the guys'.

    "I am not here to rescue you, I am bringing you along for emergency rations" Quark.

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    I give free estimates [Wild Ass Guesses] over the phone.

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    I set up a yahoo mail account for giving my email out when I don't want to. Just log in after a registration to get the password etc. and skip the spam.

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    "We've found Lee Harvey Oswald in stock at Home Depo!"

    "Christ is the Son of God Who died for the redemption of sinners and was resurrected after three days. This is the greatest truth in the universe. I die because of my belief in Christ."
    Watchman Nee

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    it might be time to dump that Commodore 64 Computer and 14.4 modem and up grade to the stunningly fast 286 with a 56K modem

    I tell ya, it cut my download time from 2 hours to 45-60 minutes

    Scott Isreal
    Coward County Sheriff ​

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