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    I would be willing to help anyone in need of help designing a residential project. I am most interested in hydronics design work. But will greet others. Being that I am refusing any type of payment or compensation it is up to you to ensure proper installation. I just want to get some more experience before I open my own shop this fall.
    Thank you so much for your time

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    Hey ferris! Ferris state grad in 1986 here. Larry Wagner, Joe Knott, and John Tomzak were a few of the instructors I remember there. Are you just getting out of school and already planning on starting your own business? What area will you be in? This entire year has been the slowest in over 15 in the northern part of Michigan. Are you planning on starting an HVAC company or an engineering company?
    We do alot of resi/commercial hot water systems but rarely have a need for help in their design. Not sure what your going to do but you may want to work for someone for a while till the building in Michigan starts to pick up. Starting a business in the fall will be tough since most construction for the rest of the year has already begun. If your going for it anyway, Good Luck to you!

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    Thank you for responding!
    Graduated from Ferris, currently living in the South.
    I work as a technician, we work on chillers, walk in coolers, commercial refrigerators, teletrol DDC,75+ ton AHU units, Pumps, Battery Back up Rooms, Generators, Mini Splits, and the list goes on. This job is killer and the pay is unbelievable, but it is not Michigan. I intend on opening a small shop soon up there, mainly focusing on residential work, and then escalading into other things.

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    Office and warehouse in both Crystal River & New Port Richey ,FL
    Where in Michigan??

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