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    [QUOTE=k-fridge;10425412] I think we'll see it go away in a few years.

    Honeywell considers it long term on there Guide to Alternative Refrigerants.
    Along with R404a,R507,R422a,R422d,&R407c.
    I personally think it should be banned in small cap tube reach-in's.
    On the flipside those Artic Air Freezers can get down to -30*
    Also many domestics refrigerators run the low side in vaccum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VTP99 View Post
    I would guess your low side should be at about 4psig. Which would give you about a -5* cold wall.
    How old is that equipment ? Got a serial # ?
    The serial number is JA0995. I think it means it was made in 95. The newer models use a TXV.

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