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Thread: 10 ton rooftop

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    10 ton rooftop

    I have very little commercial experience. I have a client with a 10 ton Snyder General 1990 vintage roof top. This client has very little $$$$ so replacing is out of the ?. My question is what stages the 2nd compressor to come in? I haven't had an oppotunity to study the wiring diagram...Any pointers?


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    thermostat. if everything is running correctly. crank it down ten degrees below the room temp, wait a few mins see if it comes on. if not you prolly have something wrong. though youd be amazed at how many times i come across 2 stage units that have never had the 2nd stage hooked up, or for some reason are disconnected

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    Thermostat brings on scond stage through y2; check to make sure it is hooked up and you have 24volts from common to y2 @ unit; if you do, check for open pressure control or freezestat.

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