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    I am in the process of trying to replace my current 16 year old furnace and add a/c. I have been searching the internet for comparisons or information about different brands, but I have had difficulty finding any information about Westinghouse furnaces and a/c. The other brand I am looking at is Bryant which appears to have pretty good ratings. I am hoping to get a response from some homeowners or professionals who have had experience with these two brands so I can make a decision on what to install. I know that it is more important to have a good contractor (I read a few posts). But I still am curious about the two brands. Thanks!

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    Don't ask us about brands, everyone has their own opinion. What one guy might love, another might hate. Best bet is find a great installer and pick a premium model in his favorite brand.

    Westinghouse is part of Nordyne, an old manufacturer who is using the well known appliance brand names. Some on here sell it, others don't care for it. Same with Bryant.

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