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Thread: TRANE CO2 error

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    Hmm TRANE CO2 error

    Working on a Trane YHC120 roof top pkg. gas/elec. on an Olive Garden restaurant. Unit is intermittently shutting down on a CO2 error. Unit is equipped with a power exhaust, but no visable CO2 sensor. This has just started occuring in the last week. Temps here in NC have been in the mid to upper 90's during that time.

    Any idea's?

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    perhaps the co2 sensor is in the return duct...a poor choice for it, however, i have seen them mounted there before. what is telling you that you have a co2 error?
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    why would you have high level of carbon dioxide in you duct??

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    A C02 error/fault will not shut the unit down, Unless BAS has something to do with it.
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