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Thread: Two ejected

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    And the game has not even begun...this is going to be a good game tonight.

    Then both teams were standing in the middle of the field jawing at one another..

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    I think they sould eject John Madden.

    And that's what that's all about!
    Not here for a long time, just a good time


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    They should have ejected both teams and the game and then put some thing else on. What a snorefest this game is.

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    I hear ya workhorse,I turn it off at the half and went to bed.

    I guess seeing the stuff before the game had me longing for the old days.

    You know the times when mean Joe Green,Jack Ham,Dick the man Butcus place a hit that you could hear for miles away.

    I should of know it was all pre game hipe and once the game
    got started it would be the norm..pussy footing 2005 football.

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