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    Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cube Size

    I have a Hoshizaki Model #KM-500AF. The unit works great. My customer has asked me to adjust the ice cube size to smaller cubes. I have read how this machine goes into harvest but cannot find any post about cube size adjustment. Any ideas? Thanks For Your Answer.

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    adjust the float ... normal hoshi cubes r awesome in size & look y does ur customer, or u want them smaller? .. from the factory things r generally fine where they r I.m.o.

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    Hoshizaki Ice Machine

    hvac wiz 33, Thanks for your reply. I looked @ the float and loosened the two screws to try to adjust it. There is a metal piece behind the right side screw that has a stop and doesn't allow any adjustment. Am I looking at it wrong? Again, thanks for your answer.

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    Hoshi had to put that in for it's capacity rating. Since the size is adjustable, they lock it into the "sweet spot", where production is highest. You can remove it if you wish.

    Just remember to let the customer know that bigger or smaller than that setting will result in lower production.
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    Thanks Baub...I don't like to adjust things that appear to be locked down. I will sure give I will sure give it a try. Thanks again, you both helped me a lot.

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    yeah sliding that float up and down on those slotted screw holes adjusts ice cube size, sliding the float up will make the cube smaller.

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    Ill just add here....Make sure the float isnt dirty or sticking causing the customer to see larger cubes and slower production...just a thought

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    I did adjust the float as you suggested and my customer is happy. Thanks to all of you and have a great week end.

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