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Thread: Back to Reality

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    If we capture everyone who's dangerous, and take care of all of the worlds big problems (terrorists) we'd be in big trouble.

    Then the gov wouldn't have reasons to spend billions and billions of dollars making our military bigger. I hate to sound like one of them freaks who thinks the gov is out to get them, but I think the gov knows exactly where Bin boy is at. They also know a ton more about a lot of other things they deny too.

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    We basically started all this crap years ago by funding terrorists such as Al Queda and the Taliban in an effort to get at the Russians who were in Afhgannistan.
    We wanted the rich oil and gas supplies and intended on building a gas line through Afhghanny. We hoped the Taliban would be a stable force in the region for us. In time, we saw they were not going to be and things changed. Likewise Bin Ladin hated Saddam and during the gulf war wanted to help the Saudis with his newly formed army, when the Saudis chose us instead, he went nuts. Well, more nuts than he already was.
    We will only stop terrorism by protecting our borders better and changing our policies toward some of these places, it's the only way.
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    What was done was done for needs of the times. These types of colaborations have gone on every since two cavemen got together to ambush a third caveman and then one of the two smashed the other with a rock.

    We can no more hide in a hole then we can completely eliminate all of those who want to do us harm. We must continue to play lifes games and hope that our plans are a little better then the other guys.

    We are definitely making mistakes. There is no way to be at war without making mistakes. But overall, we are on the right track and will come out on top if we are allowed to continue to fight the enemy on their turf., and ye shall find;..
    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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    Re: Re: Okay, I listened to it.

    Originally posted by a\c don
    Originally posted by special ed
    Nearly choked me up. Why do you play that stuff, James? It brings out my soft side.
    For the same reason we all do.

    So we dont forget.
    I don't think any of us, atleast in our generations, will ever forget that horrible day. It is like someone during the JFK assinaion days, you ask them and 40 years later they'll tell you exactly where, what and how they were doing it. Myself, I will never forget, my oldest brother who lived not too far from the city went there in the aftermath to help clean up. He was there for 2 weeks working and then was sent home. A few months later he died as a result of the work he did, something in the air attacked his lungs and he died. There was never any concrete proof of this but from what the coroner said, who was a family friend, that was the only thing he could tell it would be and he seen others with the same type of death. Most were healthy beforehand and then afterwards they got sick.

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