Now this may sound like a strange question but as smart as a lot of guys in here are, someone might have a good answer. I have a Hilti te-22 roto hammer that I have had for years. Now Im always keeping my eyes open for bits at the second hand stores or rummage sales being I seem to see a lot there. The only thing is I have been told that the new bits for hilti dont interchange with each other. one place I had seen a set and was interested in buying them but the guy selling them told me that her had bought them for his older hilti and they didnt fit. Now Every time I have run into these bits I didnt have my Hilti handy to see if they would fit so does anyone have or know a way of telling if they are the same and will fit? I might have to look up a Hilti repair center and see if they have any answer but the numbers on my existing bits are pretty well worn off so I dont know if there are markings that will tell me what roto hammer they will work on. Also do any other brand roto hammer bits work in a Hilti?