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    I will never forget my fallen fellow Americans, Rest in Peace.

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    Ill never forget the way I felt as the first building collapsed, and thinking about all of those fireman that just ran in there and all of the people that didnt get out.
    And the way it felt watching those people jump out the windows

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    Originally posted by ct2
    And the way it felt watching those people jump out the windows
    I remember literally getting sick when they showed those images. Later in the afternoon when I got home I found my kids watching this and seeing these same images and was sickened even more when NBC kept replaying that specific clip.

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    We in the U.S. were not shown any where near the graphic images that were shown elsewhere in the world.

    As sickening as these images are, do others feel that they should be shown? I personally do not care to see graphic images but I believe that if they depict reality they should be available for those who need more visuals to grasp the horror of a situation.
    Government is a disease...
    ...masquerading as its own cure…
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    I don't mind seeing the gore as much as most people do. I personally would be happy if they'd some how get the news to give you an unbiased story of both sides, whether that means showing gore or not, I'd be happy.

    But as it is, the news will always show what they want and what will achieve what they want.

    BTW, I don't think I could ever forget 9/11 if I wanted to.

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    9/11 and JFK's assination are two thing in my life I will never forget. I was 18 at the time.

    We, the public were not shown the JFK McGruder(sp) tape until a long time later. It was not until the Warren Report was concluded that the public could see it.

    I'm sure in time we in this country will see the rest of the tapes.

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    where you at?
    the JOB of revenge appears to be progressing nicely
    (many brainwashed islamic killers have felt American bullets and heat-seeking missiles)

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    FYI: McGruder = Zapruder

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    i am trying to say this nicely... (sorry i can't)... so why don't the real world leaders just #$%&***) due what needs to be done...that is my question, it would achieve the same goal (may quicker).

    p.s. this is the first time i got political on this forum

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