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    American Standard Freedom 90 question

    I have no knowledge of anything HVAC related, and after 2+ hours of searching the internet I am ready to pull my hair out. I have my thermostat set to cool, but my house is not cooling. I have no air pumping through my ducts.

    I tried changing the thermostat batteries. No change.
    I looked at my central air unit (it has a Standard logo on it). It seems to be operating correctly.
    I went to the basement to look at that furnace. I found a red blinking light and condensation on an insulated pipe. The red light blinked 9 times, paused, blinked 1 green, then repeated the cycle. 9 red, pause, 1 green, 9 red, pause, 1 green, etc. I looked at the "cheat sheet" located inside the panel, but there is only a description for up to 7 red blinks.

    So, after my very limited "inspection" of my situation, I concluded it must be a problem with the furnace. I was wondering if anyone here had any idea what the problem might be. I'm only asking because I got screwed by a now out-of-business HVAC guy a couple years ago and want to know what I am facing before I get a pro in here.

    Thank you for your time!

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    Is it a new circuit board on the furnace? Sometimes when a new circuit board is put on they come with a sticker with the new codes that the board has. (Service Techs dont always put them on, but this may not be the case). Are you saying the outside unit is running but the indoor fan isnt? If so, turn the system off because its not gonna get any better. Call a Service Company tomorrow and get it checked out.

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    Thanks for the reply. We have only lived in the house 2.5 years, and haven't had a new circuit board put in... but that doesn't mean that didn't happen before we moved in. Yes, our unit outside is working. After closer inspection, we found that our inside fan wasn't working. It seemed like it was trying to start up, but after 5 seconds, everything would power down and we would get the error code blinks.

    I have already powered everything down (no sense in wasting electricity or damaging the unit any further). I will be calling my repair technician today.

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    In laymans terms, it sounds like the control module on the blower motor is either bad or not calibrated to the circuit board.

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    No sense in pulling out your hair. It'll likely fall out as you age anyway so pulling it out is a waste of time and energy.

    Why not call in a pro and get the problem resolved? It will cost some $$$ but will be well worth it when things are running again, eh?

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