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    Nov 2004
    What do you get for posting 1000 times?

    A. used UEI meter
    B. 10% discount on purchases from site sponsors
    C. chance to go for 2000 posts.
    D. professional respect from "r-12"
    E. nothing

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    Jul 2003
    Nothing at all!! You'll get the prize at your 100,000th post.

    I'm not far behind you though.

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    <<<<< See "C", I told ya!

    (2000 posts)

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    Jul 2003
    Originally posted by jultzya
    <<<<< See "C", I told ya!

    (2000 posts)
    still no prize though

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    Sep 2004
    You will be graced by the presence of CONDENSATE Dave

    oh , I mispelled his name like that once and man did he ever let me have it! so for your 1000 post , on this special occasion, I mispelled his name again so he wont yell at you

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