I am not sure that I will survive the night folks. I was given the oportunity to go elsewhere tonight but I thought I could tough it out.

Lisa is having a sleepover of all women family members for her daughters 22nd birthday. (NO! Don't even go there, there is no one here like that!)

Anyway, I can hear them cackling downstairs while I hide in my office. I will be sleeping on the upstairs porch outside of my office while my bedroom is invaded by perfumy and other unnaturally smelling females. It will have to be fumagated tommorow.

Anyway, I do need to make an appearance for dinner, which is going to be some girly, diet thing, I'm sure.

They are going to play games and tell stories and I had to promise not to shoot my weapons from the upstairs porch.

Everytime one of my Amish neighbors goes by I hear "that's just so cuuuutttteee!" coming from the delighted city dwellers downstairs.