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    Movie Theater Ice bins, and Popcorn bins are the worst. Ice bins, everything was growing in them, with the teenagers running the concesions. Popcorn bin full of dead bugs that had been zapped by the heat lamps. The Theaters popped the corn in the back, had so much old nasty grease on it, that I'm surprised it didn't burn to the ground. To make matters worse, half had their fire sprinklers valved off. Boss told us to keep our mouths shut, as they would pay very high dollars to fix the AC, when a new unit would cost less.

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    Had a call at a Greek Restaurant once. Very well known in my city. I'd eaten their also a few times, as a night out treat. Got a no hot water call. Just before lunch I get there. I changed the hsi, no big deal. The owner of the joint asks if I'd like the lunch special on the house. Being the frugal Ba$tard I am, sure, why not. I make my way to the washroom just off of the kitchen, which is the employee washroom, to wash my hands. I find buckets of 1/2 prepared food, meat etc, sitting in the washroom with no lids or anything on them. YUCK.....I turn around to leave and was almost to the truck, and the owner comes running out with my Lunch special. I told him I gotta go and thew it out as soon as I got out of the parking lot.. Never ate their again.
    Save me Jebus

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    Which Chinese restaurant story you want?
    The one were I went because their freezer compressor died and when I walked into the freezer, the smell of rotten shrimp made me puke? And the cook who grabbed a handful of it and threw it in the wok and served it, made me gag again?

    Or the Chinese restaurant near where I used to live (45 minutes from a supply house) which I stopped by and diagnosed their ice machine, ~9am a big bowl of raw, red meat sitting on floor uncovered in the back of kitchen, and it was already 85 degrees back there, with flies on it. Same bowl of meat, with about half of it gone, still on floor uncovered, except for flies, that evening ~7pm. And yes, they were taking it and cooking then serving it. And by then it was close to 95 degrees back there.

    And I got more, which is why I don't eat Chinese food unless I cook it myself.

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