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    Once upon a time I read something about a guy working on a roof. He tied a rope around his waist, tossed it over the roof to the bumper of his truck. Wife decides to go to the store, hops in the pickup, and off they go. Can't remember where I saw that. Maybe someone on here. Dice maybe?

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    My wife said...

    My wife said she would really like to save the building. So being the good husband that I am I developed a plan.

    1. Wife is much liter than me. She can walk the roof for the first test run.
    2. I just bumped her life insurance up by a whole bunch and I am the beneficiary.

    Teasing. I love my wife. Makybe the mother in law will go up there. Nah she will be on the ground telling me how to do the job as usual. Never met a woman who is so knowledgeable about how to do everything. Used to drive my poor daddy in law crazy since he was a master carpenter. I loved it when she told him how to do a job.

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