Hopefully, in about a month or so we will be moving out of the burbs of Atlanta, Ga. to our new house at the lake.

Here goes the explanation of what I have to deal with:

On the property is an old 40'x 20' foot pavillion that was once used for picnics, cook outs etc etc for a local company. However, the roofing shingles are curling up in short order. My guess is tbey are over 25 years old. Under the shingles there is tar paper and 1x6 inch boards from the top to bottom. I do think the old gal leaks in places it would just about have too.

My first thought was to get a loader in and boom down she goes. But seems like a waste to do this and more stuff in the landfill. Also it might make a really good garage in part of the old gal if I can accomplish this feat.

I would really like to get the old shingles and tar paper off and apprise the 1x6 decking. Replace what is bad and put down either OSB or plywood, tar paper, and new shingles.

My big problem:
Here is my dilemma and where you can give me your opinions. I really hate the thought of falling thru an old roof and getting hurt or worse. So how would you approach getting on this structure not knowing the integrity of what is up there? The bottom part of the roof inside is visible and I thought maybe I could somehow get a long wooden pole and tap on it first? Then again maybe this is flawed thinking as well. I am guess at the peak of the roof underneath it is about 20 feet to the concrete floor. Hard to test every single inch of an old structure 20 x 40 feet.

Any thoughts on how to safely approach this mission? What would you do? If I can't salvage this old pavillion then I am going to have to build a bigger garage/workshop for me to hide from my wife in anyway.