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    Hi i was wondering if a 2.5ton condensing unit 10 seer would be able to cool a 2200 to 2400sqft house? I know they say 800 sqft per ton in school but i have seen people install 2.5ton for over 2000sqft before. Please let me know what you think


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    Whoever is teaching you 800 square feet per ton or any other such rule of thumb for sizing is providing you with incorrect information.

    Systems are not sized using any such methods. Got to the link below for a good overview of what is actually involved in performing a load calculation.

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    You might ask for a refund from that school. The 800 square feet per ton rule is fantasy. Just like all of the other square feet per ton rules.

    Having said that, a typical 2,200 square foot house in a hot area isn't going to be happy with only 2.5 tons. Of course the house may not be typical. I know of a contractor that is doing proof of concept homes where it works out to 1000 square feet per ton. But those homes are built like a Thermos, which is rare. And perhaps you live in a cool area. If the design temp is extraordinarily low then you may not need much AC. For example, in Lake Tahoe I think the design temp is in the middle eighties.

    In other words, you need to do a heat load calculation. Anything other than that is just a guess.

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