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    Seems a little selfish to say it isn't your problem about other technicians. You should think about the technicians that come after you. Are all of your service technicians certified on CSST? I read the installation instructions for Tracpipe and it looks like the fittings can only be reused three times. Then it becomes necessary to replace the split rings on the flare. Looks like you would be liable for any fires if an unqualified technician disassembled the fittings to facilitae maintenance and then reassembled incorrectly. Your company performed and signed off on the leak check so you'd be liable? Might want your certified technicians to measure the outer jacket when they cut it. Only needs an inch.

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    Post P Trap...

    Originally posted by dave82323
    looks very good. nice work.. why did you put a trap on the condensation line when it is not required ? the drain is on the positive side of the blower..
    P-Trap is required but should be installed as close to the evaporator as possible. Shuld be at least 3: deep...
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    all my guys are certified for trac pipe some for gastight but not all for gastight but they will have to be since trac pipe is getting scarce in this area so switching to gas tight, if some other company touches the heater and they mess it up thats the other companies fault, but we give 10 parts and labor warranties with all our carrier installs so no one else is really alowed to touch that equiptment for 10 years and definitely not another carrier dealer so for the next 10 years the only techs that heater will ever see will be mine unless the feel like throwing money out the window to pay another company. as for the jacket the jacket means very little when its indoors, and if the unit breaks three times and all three times the gas/track pipe needs to be disconected then we have all bigger problems than a 4 foot piece of track pipe and a autoflare fitting, and really like i said before if a tech doesnt know how to use somthing then they shouldnt touch it, but all my guys are all certified not like its all that hard to be certifed for it any way, trac pipe is so easy to use that if you cant do somthing that simple correct maybe that person might want to look for another trade its just basic stuff

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