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    This summer when I turned on the air conditioner to my second floor (split unit) the air was warm. Called my a/c
    contractor and after checking the freon he went to my attic to check the air handler. Found that it was getting heat and so he disconnected the wire to the coil. Problem solved.
    Next week my heating contractor comes to reconnect the wire.
    But I realized that I have had a similar situation in the winter when my heat would not go on on the 2nd floor. Solution was to click on and off the switch controlling power to the furnace. Then the circulating motor would go on and everything fine.
    Question. What is the problem that is solved when the electricity is turned off and then on. I now know that this would probably have worked this summer since I remember that when the a/c was on the heat circulating pump on the
    furnace was running and I should have turned off the electricity before calling the a/c man. But... Any diagnoses?

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    is the furnace is electric furnace? if so, it sounds like a sequencer is sticking periodically. turning the power on and off repeatedly may get the system to work. sounds like the sequencer(s) oughta be checked.

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    It's a natural gas furnace. Lenox complete heat, but let's not get on that topic. !!

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    Please provide model number, serial number and brand of equipment in question...
    However, think of a furnace as a computer, since a good number of them actually have a circuit board which controls a vast amount of the operation. If a "glitch" arises the circuit board will go into "hibernation" or lock out, it will either time out and try again after a pre-determined amount of time has passed or will have to be "re-booted", (actually reset). When you interupt the power you are actually resetting the lock-out. There is normally an underlying cause but in some cases it can be a bad board itself. Anyway it sounds as if you need to find one contractor you trust who can service your entire hvac system rather than having two who unknowing are working against each other.

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    Thanks for your diagnosis Tech and comments about the board, which, if I remember, has been replaced once. I'll mention this when the man comes tomorrow. Furnace is a Lennox HM30/150. Since I got a better deal from an a/c contractor than from the one who installed the furnace I have two experts!! Both are good.

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    Since I got a better deal from an a/c contractor than from the one who installed the furnace I have two experts!! Both are good.----------------------------------------------

    It is always helpfull to know what someone else has done to the unit when determining the trouble you are having now.
    you probably do have two experts . I hope you realize that the a/c contractor knows furnaces , and the furnace guy knows a/c work as well

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