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Thread: Hey Mods

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    Originally posted by lusker
    horse... if so... then tell me why I am here! LOL
    Because you like us and are as sick as the rest of us are!

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    You know lusker pretty well, Eh?

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    Joey: It was probably pulled because
    I called somebody an A-hole over their insensitive remarks!!

    ooooooooooBOBBIE (rob10)

    I doubt it got pulled for that reason, if it had you would have been banned or recieved a warning or something, and since it was me that you called an A$$ hole and I wasnt offended, nor did I cry about it or get my feelings hurt I see no reason that his thread would have been pulled for something you said

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    Re: Re: You were probably

    Originally posted by workhorse
    Originally posted by rob10
    Sleeping instead of being at your post!! BTW it was at about 4:00 this morning!!
    What the heck were you doing online at 4am? Don't you ever sleep, I mean with the Hot Wife and all.

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