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    Well, guy's it looks like I might be off line for awhile as I have come down to the end of the road.

    As you all know I was going to try and open my own shop,but the finance was not there enough.So I went back to work for small company which didn't last to long.
    I have been out of work since June 24. I just can't believe that with 27+ years I can't get a job in Texas.

    I have been on 30+ interview's, and sent out resumes to all the company's online.I guess after 50 there isn't much opertunity for me.I mailed ,phoned and spent several hundred trying to find work.

    Good Luck to you all in the field .
    aircooled53 at

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    hang in their ac... how about spending some time in NO? Check some companies around the effected areas to see if they need installer foremen or service crew project managers... lots and lots of work there.

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    Move to Indy, you'll be working tomorrow. OK, make that Monday!

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    Good luck Aircooled. My stepfather had the same problem a while back and finally a company took a chance and hired him. They now say it was one of the best moves they ever made, he's stable and shows up to work all the time and on time, most of the time he works circles around the guys a 1/3 of his age and he's got the knowledge already so he doesn't need the training. By the way, he in 67 and will be 68 in December and is in the residential/commercial electrical repairs with some new construction involved.

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    I'm sorry to here about it. I agree with workhorse though.

    Most older mechanics don't even want to consider doing side work either, so they're not helping themselves to the stock in the company trucks.. (I've had some employees...) or the truck itself. Experience goes farther than most would give it credit for. Same old, same old... Some employers are like the perpetual customers who get three quotes and always settle on the cheapest...They get what they pay for.

    But on the other hand...

    In this industry I would have a greatly difficult time working for someone else anymore. I enjoy my freedom way too damn much. Don't let that bother you...I know as well as you do..I would be out there doing the same job hunting if I had to.
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    Have you considered going into the wholesale end ?

    I am sure there is probably someone that would consider you for a sales or tech rep position.

    Especially in that market, there must be a lot of competition

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    Hey aircooled, keep the faith man.

    At your age you should be at the top of your game.

    I'm 55 and happily working for a small company (under 15 employees) where my experience is appreciated.

    Keep the faith, somebody out there is looking for someone just like you.

    Good luck.
    We've been doing so much,for so long,with so little, that now we can do almost anything, with nothing at all.

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    Really makes you wonder what those age discrimination laws were written for.

    Its really dissapointing to be turned down for a job when you realise that your age was the reason. The company I am with now encourages it's employees to attend their classes and to advance , but when it comes down to it , the installation and service depts wont hire people that are "to old" and to them , 50 is to old

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    im stuck doing oil burners and oil furnaces and boilers because ac co's wont pay a decent wage so to eat i get filthy dirty and reack with the smell of #2 fuel oil but because i can do ac at least i dont get to platy with the **** anymore just one of the bennies of working for plumbers

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