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    I have a Nordyne/Frigidaire heat pump. I don't know what model the heat pump is since the model number on the outside has faded away. The numbers listed on the thermostat are: 914832 and 3AAT86B59A1.

    I have recently purchased a Honeywell TH8320 digital/programmable thermostat, and I have a couple of questions regarding the wiring of it. The current wiring of the Nordyne thermostat is as follows:
    Y = yellow wire
    G = green wire
    R = red wire
    O = orange wire
    W2 = white wire
    E = dark brownish almost black colored wire
    C = blue wire
    There is a black wire just hanging loose and not connected to anything.

    I have three sets of questions regarding the installation of the Honeywell TH8320.
    1) Should I just hook it up to match what is currently there?
    2) Why is that black wire not connected to anything? Should I connect it somewhere on the TH8320 or just leave in unconnected like it is now?
    3) The installation instructions state that the powering of the TH8320 can be made by either batteries or the 24Vac common wire. Can/should I use both? If I only use the 24Vac common wire and the electricity goes out, will I loose all my programming? I wouldn't want to program everything over and over again.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help!
    Lubbock, TX

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    I don't think anyone will help you on that one buddy, not here.

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    nice choice of t-stat, but there are NO DIY Questions rules here. Sorry. just follow your installation instructions, but from the questions you asked you might want a pro to install/program it for you to get the most out of it.
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    Well, the secret to it is the black wire. We just have to know why that wire isn't connected to anything before we can go any further. You need to call a local pro and have him check that out for you because it has to do something. You might also want him to wire that stat for you while he is there. Seriously, from the wording of your post and the question about the black wire, we can gather that is might be in your best interest to have a pro come and install the stat for you. Many will include a complete checkup in their service call, so you'll get your moneys worth and not let any magic smoke out of anything too. It ain't that hard, but it has to be done correctly the first time. Good luck with it whatever route you decide to go.


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    I got it working! I checked the connections in the attic, and one the condenser outside. The black wire is not connected to anything anywhere. I connected just as I assumed it should and as luck would have it, it worked! I guess all that college money was good for something! Thanks for all the replies.

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    Please read the rules, as this is not a DIY site.

    (we can't help DIY, due to site rules )

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    I am happy it worked, but did you also test it in heat,or just in cooling.
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