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    Unreported Story, Education Care Bill

    a frantic woman who cares about education , (which is why her kids are in Catholic schools), approached Mitt Romney and told him to start making comments on the education take-over, she accused the media of not reporting the story.

    Romney gave a politically correct response.

    apparently, Obama and the rest of the Kremlin have changes going through government which are similar to the Health Care Bill, the government wants to Federalize education.
    the union rats want to abandon state sinking ships and get their funding through federally extorted taxes.

    ...the Socialists who are a coalition of the rich...

    according to the lady , Bill Gates is a leader in the effort, and is personally helping to create the federal curriculum.

    the media , of course, who is pro-democrat, pro-Socialist, pro-rich, is not reporting the issue in hopes that the laws will pass without drawing attention.

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    Do you have any links to the bill numbers?

    I haven't heard anything,but I can't follow all the bills those crooks make up.

    Common sense isn't very common anymore.

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    Obama wants to federalize education, lengthen school year

    The misguided race to federalize education

    What is Obama’s Real Education Agenda?
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