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    I think i have read that superheat should run around 30*.
    I check the charge on my new unit last night and the direction for charging by superheat. Hears my question
    Why is it that newer units superheat runs lower then then the 30* that I think I have read?
    thanks txg.

    As for my unit the OAT=76*,RA=70*,SP=73psi,st=56*,and last sat.suction temp=42* which gives me a 12* superheat, chart called for 10* superheat.

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    You may have read wrong? :-)

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    Long list.

    Here's a few...

    Wrong charge, coil, ductwork, filter, air handler, metering device, equipment, to name a few.

    Could be any one of the above, more than one of the above, or none of the above.

    Happy hunting.

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    superheat requirments will change with load on the unit, where did you read that you needed 30 degrees superheat? Seems a bit high to me. Also from the looks of your calculations you are actually running 14 dgs sheat and not 12.
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    Originally posted by Black Adder
    Also from the looks of your calculations you are actually running 14 dgs sheat and not 12.
    which may be good for your system depending on all the factors stated above.
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    Not sure what you are calling superheat. The only time Goodman chart states 30º superheat is if the return air temperature is 75º and the ambient temperature is 60º, which is not a very good time to be checking system charge.

    I think you may have some terminology misapplied., and ye shall find;..
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