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    Wanting everyones opinion on a small nissan truck for a service truck. All the truck would be used for is service calls. Would a 4 cylinder truck be ok. I have a full size truck but it doesnt get good gas at all. Any ideas or opinions would be appreciated.

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    I had a new 79 chevy luv years ago I used for installs on new costruction. Now originally I got it being I was traveling a lot but the bigger the trucks got the more the space got wasted. when you have a small truck ,you use the space more efficantly. Chevy luv's were a piece of crap compared to toyotas and nisans, they didnt even get that good of gas mileage. Remember halling an 8' break in the back of it for about 400 miles. You could stand on the back of the break and the front tires would come off the ground. I guess I have a hard time imagining how you could use a small truck now days and have the parts you would need to fix that much. Only thing is nowdays I dont see how you can carry much more then the things for the main brand you sell. Now I try to say I work on all brands but its not like it use to be with a gas valve and thermocouples, I have what I have on the truck and if I have to go get it they have to pay my time. Funny how they complain that I dont have it on the truck but hell most of them cant even tell me the brand furnace they cant win.

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    A Nissan? Might as well buy a U.E.I. meter to put in it...... if you're going Foreign,go Toyota.
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    I agree with smokin68. I had a Toyota pickup for 11 years until someone totaled it. I had about 175,000 miles on it. At about year 10 was when things like that A/C started having problems. That was when the timing chain had to be changed as well. I loved that truck. I replaced it with a Nissan pickup. I have about 60,000 miles on it now and it has had more picky problems. Nothing really major yet but just been in the shop off and on. I ended up buying an extended warranty before the regular warranty ran out so I could cover myself. I don't usually do that. I wish I had just bought another Toyota and I will when it's time to replace this one.

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    i will try to keep this as short as possible but bear with me.
    i work for a family hvacr business that my gpa started. when he started in the 60s the only choice was a full size so thats what they drove. when the gas crunch in the late 70s or 80s hit they found you could buy two datsuns or toys for the same cost of one chevy or international. ( dont quote me this is what i was told i was only 2 then)
    anyway most of the time the trucks were not loaded fully and their was only one guy in them so a fullsize was overkill and money wasted. when i started 10yrs ago all we had was toyotas and one s10 and a ranger. they were doing all the service out of pickups not even vans. now if you are going to work on "everything" you really need a bus. i currently drive a 2500hd that gets 11 mpg and ask my self the same ?s you are asking. the thing i know is that i carry 6 differant types of refrigerant and my truck is within 500 lbs of its gvwr so i dont have much choice. i know that we have had some probs. with guys abusing the " little " trucks because they dont like them but those guys are easily replaced. for the most part though the 4 cylinder trucks we had never really did as good on gas as they were supposed to and were so underpowered that they were not worth it.
    currently i have the only fullsize pickup, we have one, 1 ton dodge van and the rest of the fleet is s10s, astros or toys. they all get about 20 on the highway and about 16 in town. which from what i can tell is about the best one could expect for now.
    one final note is that it sure is easier to park or just get into smaller places with a smaller truck, but the one time you dont have the part you need and have to drive 30 miles out of your way to get it. the time and money wasted doesnt offset what you saved in fuel.

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